Lolwut? Yep! You read that right!! I’m traveling all the way to the east coast to go to Otakon 2014! I’m super excited to attend my first east coast con and the second largest con in the US! I’ll also be visiting my Grandparents and hanging out with the wonderful Kathrine Zan! Here’s my line […]

Anime Expo 2014

Photo by: Darkian Multimedia

Anime Expo was the most amazing convention ever!!! Oh my goodness!! It was so great!! Day 0 I woke up super early and my boyfriend drove me to Seatac so I could board my flight! I flew out at noon and got to Long Beach at 3! I flew into long beach just because LAX is a […]

Research: Snow Whi..


I’m working on expanding my Princess Party’s business and it looks like my next gig might be Snow White (or as I call her for legal reason The Snow Princess – lol). So of course I just can’t make a Disney costume without looking into the history of it. Everyone pretty much seems to agree […]

Process – Sa..

One of the main reasons I decied to go to Anime Expo this year was because the original english cast of Sailor Moon is going to be there!! I have loved Sailor Moon ever since I was teeny tiny! I remeber running to my baby sitter’s house after school and watching it on cartoon network […]

Anime Expo 2014


Here’s some exiting news! I’m going to be attending Anime Expo this summer! :D I am so excited to finally be going to AX. I’ve been wanting to attend since I was like 13.  It’s going to be super duper fun, but it also going to be really challenging for me! To get all my […]

Process – Sh..

Photo by: Jonathan Konkol

One of my bigger projects this year was my Pony Princesses Group. I designed these dresses on a whim when I realized I wouldn’t get one of my costumes done in time for Kumoricon this year. I decided to bring this group back and expand on it for Sakuracon 2014! Rather than just having my […]