Process – Sh..

Photo by: Jonathan Konkol

One of my bigger projects this year was my Pony Princesses Group. I designed these dresses on a whim when I realized I wouldn’t get one of my costumes done in time for Kumoricon this year. I decided to bring this group back and expand on it for Sakuracon 2014! Rather than just having my […]

Sakuracon 2014

Photo by: Genjitsu
Sinon: Grove

Whoooo Sakuracon 2014 is done! What a great time!  Be prepared for a wall of text! Friday morning my friend MacKenzie got up at 4 am, got ready and headed off to the next town where we picked up our friend Ashley or Missy Raney Cosplay! The car was stuffed with 3 hoop skirts, 3 […]

Research: The Tutu

Princess Tutu

So, if you guys follow my Facebook Page (which you should and if you don’t it’s at you should know that I recently finished watching Princess Tutu  (Not really recently it was like forever ago, but when I started this article I just finished it. xD Yay Procrastination!).  And while I still don’t know […]

Research: Frozen U..

Note the Style of the background dresses.

I am a sucker for Disney movies. I’m even more of a sucker for Musical Theater. Disney’s Frozen had such a perfect mixture of the two that it’s no wonder I loved it! When I first watched Frozen I immediately fell in love with Anna. She’s just so sweet and sincere and has an innate sense […]

Chibi Chibi Con 20..

Photo by Ashley Baker

Phew! I got back this morning from Chibi Chibi Con 2014. Chibi Chibi con is a one day convention held at Evergreen State University in Olympia Washington. While this is a bit out of the way for me to go my newly founded Cosplay Club and I decided it would be a fun convention for […]

Tutorial: The Basi..

Sailor Moon Seifukus

If you watch anime then you are for sure familiar with the Seifuku, other wise known as the Sailor Uniform or School Outfit. Generally they consist of a simple pleated skirt, an unfitted top, and a sailor collar. This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic Seifuku. Please note: All patterns included are references […]