Spring Con Schedule!!!

Ahhhhh cons are so closeeeeeee!!! :DDDDDD I’m gonna be at 3 cons in the next month!!!! And I’lll be handing out business cards! :D So if you see me snap a pic and I’ll give you one. (:

Chibi Chibi Con – 23rd Febuary – Olympia Washington!
For this con I’ll be wearing Asuna from Sword Art Online and hopefully competing in the cosplay contest! :D

Emerald City Comic Con – March 1-3rd – Seattle, WA
I’ll only be there on Saturday but I’m super excited! It will be my first Comic Con! I’ll be going with my boyfriend and his friends! I’ll be wearing Pinkie Pie or Katara and will have a photoshoot with a few of my friends!

Sakuracon – March 29-31st – Seattle, WA
This will be my first Sakuracon since 2009 and I am so so so excited! I’ll be participating in the Cosplay Contest as well as hopefully working the Aniplex SAO booth, and working with a vendor to pass out coupons for them, I’ll give everyone more details for that as it comes closer. I’ll be wearing 3 costumes (or more!) to this con! I’m sure wearing Asuna (SAO) and Zelda (Yes I’ve given up on it being a secret) and Ranka Lee! I’m super excited for all of my costumes! Last time I was at Sakuracon I was Ranka Lee so I figured it’d be a great costume to wear for my first time back! I have 3 photoshoots set up, but might end up scheduling more. My first on is as Ranka Lee on Friday with sparklerbash, she’s a new photographer so I figured I’d give her a shot (as the one I wanted on Friday won’t respond to me. XP) this will be a night time shoot! It’ll be great!!! On Saturday I’ll have a shoot as Asuna with my Kirito, azuraschampion, in the morning from FallMoonLitRose. And then on Saturday I’ll be shooting my Zelda costume in the morning with Elite Cosplay! :D Then I’ll be heading home. xD It should be great fun!

If you see me at any of these cons feel free to come say hi! (:

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