Sakuracon 2013

Wow I’ve been back for a month and haven’t said anything about it yet!

It was the best con ever! :D

lifted ranka

I woke up early Friday morning and caught the bus to Seattle and arrived at about 9 Am then went to get my pass. The line was so short! I was amazed! I’ve never seen such a short line for con tickets before! After that I went to find where to cosplay pre-meeting was and just chilled for a while. The pre-meeting was very short and simple. They basically just made sure that we were there. (: After that I walked around the dealers hall and bought a Skyward Sword Zelda Figure and a Doctor Who Print for my boyfriend! Overall it was a very relaxing day. I met up with my friends Jason and Kevin for a bit then went and checked into my hotel room with my friend Shannon!

Eli Ebberts as Ranka Lee
Photography by JailBreak Photography

After that I went to the cosplay contest judging and was stopped for photos a few times on the way (while tripping over my cape the whole way there). The judges were very nice! One of them had cosplayed Zelda before and was very nice when talking about my costume and asked how I did things to compare to how she did them. They all seemed impressed with my skills and that this was my first contest.  I then had to run back to the hotel room to get changed back into Ranka for my two photoshoots that evening! I shot with Jason of JailBreakPhotography and SparklerBash (on tumblr). It was my first time shooting with either of them and they were both so nice! It was really fun and I got some great photos! :D

Eli Ebberts as Asuna
Photo by: SkellaGirl
Edit by: Eli-Ebberts

Saturday was name SAO day as that was the day with all the SAO related events. That morning I went and met with Jason and Kevin who were also cosplaying SAO that day. It was great to have someone to run around con with! Early in the morning Kevin and I had a shoot with Rose of Fallmoonlitrose photography, I can’t wait to see the photos! Then we went to the Aniplex booth for the official gathering after that we got some lunch and went to the community gathering for SAO, then another photoshoot with SkellaGirl (tumblr). We were on our toes all day!! After this I had dinner with Shannon at Blue C Sushi (one of my favorite restaurants) and went to change into Zelda.

Eli Ebberts as Asuna
AzurasChampion as Kirito
Photo by Unknown

The cosplay contest was an amazing experience  We meet up an hour before the contest to check in then just relaxed until show time. The contest is held in the “sakuradome” which is a huge room with a huge floor! It’s also where the cosplay chess is held.  I wasn’t sure what to expect so I was ready to adapt to any sort of room. The audience is seated all around you so you really have to cater to ever side. I didn’t win any awards but I had a great time participating! :D Next time I hope to talk to more people so I can make some new cosplay friends!  After the contest it was 10 o’clock so we went back to the hotel and right to bed.

Sakuracon 2013 Cosplay Contest

Sunday was a very chill day. We usually only stay for a couple hours. I wore Zelda (by which point she was starting to fall apart) and after finishing my shopping (which I am regretting not getting the official SAO poster for Sakuracon) I had a photoshoot with Holly and Kevin from EliteCosplay. I’ve shot with them before and they are just the nicest people and take some amazing photos! After this we waited for around an hour to meet up with another photographer who never showed and I’m still a bit peeved about it.

Eli Ebberts as Zelda
Photo by EliteCosplay

Over all it was an amazing con! I met some great people took some amazing photos and bought some cool stuff!
If you wanna check out the rest of the photos I took check here on my flickr account.


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