Kumoricon 2013

Again this must be the latest con update ever. Le Sigh. I will get better at this I swear!!!

My friends and I left town early on Friday, Day 0, and headed off on the road! I wish I would have taken pictures of our car as we left because it was crazy. There were 3 of us in the car all of us with at least 3 different costumes for the con and at least 1 large prop per person. Poor Joanne was in the back seat and stuffed between my wings and her sword, but she slept most of the ride so I don’t feel as bad. xD The drive from my hometown to Vancouver/Portland is usually around 3 and 1/2 hours, this was my first time driving this trip (and my first time driving a road trip in general actually) so we used map quest to navigate. Bad idea. Map quest decided to take us to the wrong/non-existent Hilton in Beverton. So our 3 and 1/2 hour drive turned into 4 and 1/2, as we drove our way through the windy hills of Beverton trying to get to the con before the Lolita Tea Party at 4. We made it. Barely! But we made it. Once at con we meet up with my friends Jason and Kevin and a few other girls in Lolita and had a small tea party, as my friend Rose of FallMoonLitRose Photography took some photos for us.

Taylor Swift at the Rose Quarter

Taylor Swift at the Rose Quarter


Then it was off and away! As MacKenzie and I had tickets for Taylor Swift that night in Portland. So here are a few things you need to know about me, 1) I love Cosplay, 2) I love Theater, 3) I love Music, specifically female singer song writers. Taylor Swift is the epitome of a performer, not only is she a wonderful singer who has written beautiful songs but she just performs her heart out! Each song has a back story, each song has a different costume, each song has a different theme, she flew above the audience for God’s sake! It was fabulous! Just a wonderful show. It was an amazing experience. Of course this also means that we didn’t get to our hotel until midnight and didn’t get to sleep until 1, but my God it was sooooooooooooooooo worth it!

Roget Ratchford

Princess Ponies and an Evil Queen

Day 1 was supposedly my calm day. We got up early and got changed into our pony princess costumes then headed to the con space to finish getting ready, as riding in a car with hoopskirts, wings and wigs didn’t seem like a good idea. Either way we made it to con just in time to shoot with Rose! These costumes are so fun! It’s great to be a princess, especially one with such good style. We were stopped by so many little girls, it was adorable! That’s one thing that I love about Kumoricon; spending most of your time in a public space allows for more chance encounters with “normal”  little girls and there is nothing cuter! Most of the day after that was spent running around trying to find all the girls in my Idolm@ster group so I could give them their uniforms. After that MacKenzie and I ran in to this girl dressed as Queen Chrysilis from My Little Pony. She was beautiful and super duper nice! She asked us to join her for a mini photoshoot. We learned her name was Andy and her boyfriend (the photographer) was named Roget. They were the nicest people. Just very very kind and smart and not too ‘OMG Kawaii desu!!!’ if you know what I mean. After our photoshoot with them we waited out the rest of the day until the cosplay contest pre-meeting.


Our SAO Group

Day 2 I had to be to con by 8:30 for the cosplay contest tech rehearsal, which ended up running 2 hours late. Blarg! But we got to run our skit and that was good. In the morning MacKenzie and I were dressed as Lyfa and Asuna from Sword Art Online, I love wearing these costumes! They are so comfortable and cute! We met up with Kevin who was dressed as Kirito and had a photoshoot with the wonderful Holly and Kevin of Elite Cosplay! Again another group of photographers who I love like no other! They are so nice and really know how to take some bad-ass photos! (: Then it was time to run off and get changed for Cosplay Judging!

Sadly this is only photo I have of Katelynn and I together so far so uhhh just ignore MacKenzie on the side

Sadly this is only photo I have of Katelynn and I together so far so uhhh just ignore MacKenzie on the side

Judging was not to bad. Very different than Sakuracon.  At Sakuracon they sit behind the table and ask you questions, at Kumori they were standing the whole time flipping our seams and asking us questions. All of our sewing was fine but now I’m wishing we would have chosen more difficult costumes. However I still think we were amazing! Again we played another waiting game while waiting for the Contest to begin. The contest began with the walk-ons which only last about 30 seconds and are literally just enough time to walk across the stage. There were a few that were fabulous and a few that weren’t, the norm. The skits were the same some were amazing and some weren’t. Mostly I enjoyed the Princess Tutu dance skit, the Howl’s Moving Castle dance skit, the Card Captor Sakura Skit, and the Rose girl (I don’t actually know the show) skit. You can watch the whole cosplay contest here or you can just watch my skit with Katelynn at 8:40 here! After the contest we went outside for a photo shoot with Jamila Clark. She has an amazing artistic eye and I can’t wait to see how the shots look! Then after that we went for another photoshoot with Roget again amazing! We ended the night with Pizza and Mexican food (and getting lost on the way back to the hotel of course).

Tom Good

Our Idolm@ster group!

Then it was the third day. Sad face. We dressed as Idolm@ster girls this day! While I was disappointed that many of the girls who I got into the group had to drop before the con I was still super happy with our group of 6 girls. I still hope that one day I will get all 13 girls together though. We took photos with Tom Good, bought some junk then went home. We stopped at a cute little cafe/bar in Hood River for food when we heard the amazing news that next year Kumoricon is going to be 4 days long (which with day 0 is actually 5 days)!!! I can’t wait! This is going to mean more costumes, more groups, more photos, more contests and more fun!!!! We continued our drive home and only got lost one more time.

What a wonderful convention! I can’t wait until next year!
Look for me at my next convention Aki-con 2013! <3


  1. Eilynn Kimura says:

    I was the Princess Tutu in the Princess Tutu skit. I DEFINITELY didn’t perform very well, but I’m glad you enjoyed it! I can perform WAY better than that though, and I was fatter during Kumoricon because my parents made me go on a trip with them, so I didn’t dance for 2 months, and I gained a lot of weight. -.-‘ But I’m going to perform again for next year’s Kumoricon, and I’ll make sure to make it better this time!

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