Dkos Interview

This morning I woke up to the most wonderful news!

I was interviewed for a Danish Cosplay Magazine called DKos around 4 months ago and it was just published this morning! I was expecting maybe a page or two with just one or two photos and a snippet of what I said but when I looked through it this morning I got 6 pages! Yep 6 FULL PAGES! I couldn’t believe it!!!!! This just makes me want to try harder and harder to become an amazing cosplayer!


Major thanks to:

AzurasChampion for being my Kirito!!
FallMoonLitRose Photography for taking the photo of Kevin and I.
Elite Cosplay for the Mami and Zelda photos!
SkellaGirl for the Asuna invite photo.
And finally my awesome Mum, Tracy Scherrer, for taking the rest of the photos!
Thank you all so much!! <3

Go check it out here!

For those of you who can’t read Danish (like myself) here’s what I sent to them in English.  (:

* When did you start cosplaying and how did you get interested in it? My first anime convention was in 2006. I only went for one day but the atmosphere and feeling of pure bliss that I got from seeing all the cosplayers made me want to be one too! So the next year I bought my first costume.

* How do you choose the character you want to cosplay? (Do you choose characters because you love them, or do you take anything else into consideration?) Every character I cosplay I do because I feel some sort of connection or attraction to them. Sometimes it’s the feeling that I got while I was watching a show or playing a game, and sometimes it’s a character who is just a lot like me.

* What is your favorite costume? This is something that changes for me all the time and usually my newest costume is my favorite. So right now my favorite costume would be my Princess Zelda costume, from The Legend of Zelda: Twilght Princess. I just love how complex it is and all the details and hard work that went into it.

* What do you like the most about crafting a costume? My favorite part of crafting a costume would have to be the little things. There’s a point when you’ve cosplayed enough that while sewing there’s really nothing you haven’t done, nothing that’s really exciting. However not many costumes have similar accessories, such as armor or belts, necklaces, wigs, props. I love making things such as swords or belts, just because they look so cool and really add a lot to a costume.

* Do you ever adapt the cut in your cosplay so it may not be 100 % accurate to the character, but instead fits your body? Yes, yes, and yes! I think this is one of the most important things about cosplay! I have a very high natural waist line, so if I don’t adapt a costume to fit my body my torso ends up looking really long and my legs really short! So with costumes like Katara from Avatar; the Last Airbender I moved the waist line up to where my waist is and shortened the whole costume so it will look accurate on me.

* What is your dream cosplay? (And why?) This is again somethings that changes all the time usually because I end up making what was my dream cosplay. But, right now I think that my dream cosplay would be Beatrice from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. I’ve always been a big fan of the ”Naku Koro Ni” series and would love to tackle a character a elaberate and awesome as Beatrice.

* Have you ever experienced something unpleasant in relation to weight and cosplay? (If for example, you’ve been criticized for not being thin as a model? Both online and offline.) Of course! I think everyone has even if they are super thin. I’ve been criticizied for being ”too big” to cosplay Yoko Littner properly, I’ve been criticized when I cosplayed Stocking for being larger than my friend dressed Panty was. But really the good comments I get outweight the bad ones.

* Do you have any advice on how plus size cosplayers can handle bad comments about their weight? There are a lot of jerks out there and a lot of them like the spend their time on the computer making fun of people and there is nothing you can do about it. But, you shouldn’t let them get you down. As long as you are confident about your body and put effort into your costumes you can be amazing and nothing they say will change that! Confidence is your best friend. (Also, if they are being really mean, just report them, chance is that they are doing that to a lot of people and should get banned.)

* What is your favorite cosplay experience? Something you might have experienced at a convention or online! I have so many great experiences that it’s hard to list just one! At any convention you go to your going to have the ‘normal people’ staring at you and asking you why everyone is dressed up and such but once I was at a convention with my Gurren Lagann group and we were stopped by a bride and her bridal party who asked why we were dressed up and then proceeded to ask us if the could take some photos with us! That’s something that dosen’t happen very offten!

* Do you have any advice for new cosplayers? Don’t give up! No matter what! Everyone can be a great cosplayer, it just takes hard work and dedication. If something dosen’t look good the first time, do it again, do it until you like it but don’t give up!

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