The Legend of Zelda

A few weeks ago my boyfriend, Jeremy, and I took a day trip to Seattle with costumes in tow.  Now he usually doesn’t cosplay, it’s just not his thing, which is totally cool. But every once and a while if I ask reallllllllllllllllllly nicely he agrees to cosplay with me.

Fearless 1

So anyway, we went to a lovely pond/forest area in Kirkland, Washington called Juanita Bay Park. Now this was my first time shooting “on location” and it was a great experience! There’s something magical about searching out a location that looks like something out of the game or show you’re recreating!  It really adds to the photos!

Fearless 3

However the best part is having a wonderful photographer to work with!! We worked with the wonderful Natasha of Fearless Photoworks. She was so friendly and willing to help us get the photos we wanted! Shes also a cosplayer so when there was something going wrong with our costumes should would stop and fix us before taking the shot. Which is something I always look for in a photographer.


Afterword we went to Seattle! We went to Gameworks and then to the Cheesecake factory! Over all it was a wonderful day! And I can’t wait to do a more on location shoots and more cosplays with Jeremy!

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