Otakon 2014

As you may know just a few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity of going to Otakon 2014!

Not only were their Sailor Moon events going on, but I could also be able to see my new friend Kathrine Zan and my grandparents! Plus I kinda feel like I checked off an achievement “First East Coast Convention”! Soon it will be first Canadian convention then first convention on a another continent! Or at least so I hope! Gotta dream big right?

Anyway! Onto Otakon! This was an amazing convention! Everyone was so nice! I got to Baltimore super late Thursday/early Friday. I traveled all day Thursday! It was pretty exhausting, but I did manage to read a really good book! The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene. I’d heard a lot about this book and decided to finally check it out on my 5 hour plane ride. Let me just say I could not put this book down! I read all the way through it, it even had me crying at the end. Wonderful read, I totally suggest it! I finally got to the hotel room around 1 Am and met the lovely Kapalaka! She is super sweet and super beautiful! Later, when I was having trouble sleeping, Starlightslk came to the room and we chatted a bit! She is also super adorable and super nice! I’ve always admired her Mami cosplay I mean Look at that corset! Finally I fell asleep.

Photo by: Knightmare6

Photo by: Knightmare6

The next morning I got up to get ready for my photoshoot with ElleontheRadio! We shot my Sailor Mercury cosplay! What I was really excited for with this shoot was to shoot in the pool! Mercury’s powers are water so even when I was originally making this costume I knew it’d have to get wet someday!  So we first shot in front of the fountains, which I’ve always wanted to shoot at, then moved to the pool at the Hyatt! It was for sure different being in a pool in a costume that isn’t a swim suit. The fabric was very heavy and wouldn’t stop moving, it was pretty cool and we got some really awesome shoots! Something else super awesome happened when we were in the pool too; the English voice of Serena and Rei from the old school dub came to the pool! I wanted to meet them at AX but never got the chance to, so when I saw them there I kinda freaked out! Linda even tweeted a photo of me in the pool it was super awesome!!!

Photo by: ElleontheRadio

It was then time to run back to the hotel and change into my new Mercury costume! The girls and I then went to our first shift at the Viz booth! Unfortunately we got lost on the way to the dealers hall, but the staffers were super friendly and lead us a back way to the booth!  Once there we meet up with Zan and Artemis Moon! Just like at AX there was a stamp relay, this time however, the sailor guardians were stationed around the dealers hall with the stamps and attendees had to find us to get their stamps to get the coin! The coin was much like the one at AX just it was a nice rosey gold color rather than silver. After our shift we went over the Yaya Han’s booth and took a selfie with her! It was great to meet her again, she’s super nice and a huge inspiration to me!

Photo by: Starlightslk

Photo by: Starlightslk

Then we went back to the hotel room and I changed into Godoka! I had a photoshoot with Madi Cosplay and Photography. The convention center is super beautiful and has a ton of awesome places to take photos, like a balcony covered with fountains and flowers! :D I was hoping to attend the Madoka night photoshoot, but decided against it, so I could go to dinner with the guardians! We went over the Hard Rock cafe, sadly there was a two hour wait and after an hour and a half I decided to go back to the hotel to sleep, but it was fun chatting with Artemis and her fiance while we waited!

Photo by: Vato915

Saturday was SAILOR MOON DAY! YAYAYAYAY! In the early morning we attempted to break the record for the largest gathering of Sailor Moon cosplayers! We were super close, but didn’t quite make it. However it was awesome to meet all the Sailor Moon cosplayers! Everyone had such beautiful costumes, and it was nice for the guardians to hang out so we could get some photos! We then grabbed some lunch and went to the booth for some more stamp relay! After our shift we realized that almost all of us just happened to have swim suits the same color as our guardian! So we went to the pool for a fun little photoshoot then we went back to the hotel and had a pizza party! It was super fun!

Photo by: N/A Studio

Photo by: N/A Studio


Sunday we had another booth shift, then interviews. It was a pretty chill day. Long, but chill. After our interviews I went to dinner with my grandparents! This was the first real food I’d had all weekend (asides from the pizza) and it was AMAZING! We then went and rode on the carousel (super pretty) and had the most amazing dessert I have ever had! It’s from a place called Rita’s and it’s Italian ice with custard! It was SO FREAKING GOOD!

I then ran back to the hotel room and put on school uniform Usagi for a quick shoot with Kapalaka in her School Uniform Rei! There was a full moon when we were shooting and we managed to get it in a couple of the shoots! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

The next day I got up bright and early and went to the airport and flew home!
It was a super fun trip and I hope I get to go next year as well!

My next convention is actually this weekend! I’ll be going to Kumoricon!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

~Till next time!
<3 Eli

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