Hello all! My name is Hayley Elizabeth “Eli” Ebberts (also known as Ichigo_m) and this is my cosplay portfolio!
I have been cosplaying since 2007. And since then I’ve began sewing and have created a total of 25 costumes and I almost always have a project happening. I’ve attended Kumoricon in Portland, Oregon 6 times and Sakuracon in Seattle, Washington 3 times. If you attend either of those cons feel free to contact me and we can meet up!

I recently graduated from AC Davis High School, AKA the best school ever, and soon will be attending Central Washington University  majoring in either Musical Theater Performance or Fashion Design. I love making costumes, but, I also adore performing. I’ve participated in many theater productions as well as being drum major of my high school’s marching band.

Some of my other interests include; The Phantom of the Opera, Glee, Klaine, Next to Normal, Taylor Swift, Zelda and my amazing boyfriend. (:


Send me an e-mail (narutake.san@gmail.com) or ask me on Forum Spring!