Research: Snow White

I’m working on expanding my Princess Party’s business and it looks like my next gig might be Snow White (or as I call her for legal reason The Snow Princess – lol). So of course I just can’t make a Disney costume without looking into the history of it. Everyone pretty much seems to agree […]

Research: The Tutu

So, if you guys follow my Facebook Page (which you should and if you don’t it’s at you should know that I recently finished watching Princess Tutu  (Not really recently it was like forever ago, but when I started this article I just finished it. xD Yay Procrastination!).  And while I still don’t know […]

Research: Frozen Undergarments

I am a sucker for Disney movies. I’m even more of a sucker for Musical Theater. Disney’s Frozen had such a perfect mixture of the two that it’s no wonder I loved it! When I first watched Frozen I immediately fell in love with Anna. She’s just so sweet and sincere and has an innate sense […]

Materials, Props, Accessories: Merida from Brave

While Merida’s outfit is not all too exciting it’s things such as her huge orange locks, and her bad-ass bow that make her a visually exciting character. What makes Merida’s bow specially Merida’s is the carving that she has done along the bow. To strive for accuracy this is something that I want to replicate. […]

Research: Merida from Disney’s Brave

I’ve been striving to become a better costumer, not only sewing wise but also with patterning and accuracy. I’ve learned that something costume contest judges really enjoy seeing is historical accuracy. While I’m not a historian, I’m fine with research. So to begin my new adventure I’ve decided start with Merida from Disney’s Brave (which is […]