Process – Shining Armor

One of my bigger projects this year was my Pony Princesses Group. I designed these dresses on a whim when I realized I wouldn’t get one of my costumes done in time for Kumoricon this year. I decided to bring this group back and expand on it for Sakuracon 2014! Rather than just having my […]

Craft Foam VS. Wonderflex VS. Worbla

The question that all cosplayers ask. Which is better for armor; Craft Foam, Wonderflex or Worbla? Everyone has a different opinion of which is the best, however everyone agrees that all 3 have their own strong points. I have actually had the opportunity to work with all 3, so I feel I can give the […]

Dkos Interview

This morning I woke up to the most wonderful news! I was interviewed for a Danish Cosplay Magazine called DKos around 4 months ago and it was just published this morning! I was expecting maybe a page or two with just one or two photos and a snippet of what I said but when I […]

Works in Progress

I’m not dead guys, I promise! I’ve been working on cosplays like crazy. Mostly for kumoricon, however also for a few personal projects. My line up for Kumorion is the following: Day 0: Country Lolita Day 1: Princess Cadence (w/Princess Celestia) Day 2: ALO Asuna (w/Lyfa) and Dream Dress Sakura (w/Syaoran) Day 3: Azusa (w/Idolm@ster […]

Spring Con Schedule!!!

Ahhhhh cons are so closeeeeeee!!! :DDDDDD I’m gonna be at 3 cons in the next month!!!! And I’lll be handing out business cards! :D So if you see me snap a pic and I’ll give you one. (: Chibi Chibi Con – 23rd Febuary – Olympia Washington! For this con I’ll be wearing Asuna from […]