Commissions are Currently CLOSED


My name is Hayley Elizabeth “Eli” Ebberts (other wise known as Ichigo_m). I’ve been cosplaying since 2007 and in those 5 years I’ve made many costumes for myself and friends and I want to be able to make costumes for you! I’ve made many different types of costumes from Bikinis to magical girls to CLAMP ballgowns. But I can make much more!

More photos: CostumesPropsPlushies, Wigs

I would love to work on detailed ball gowns, large dress, magical girl outfits, or anything will frills. I can also make Prom/homecoming dress. Really I can make most anything. But I will NOT commission large armor, large props or full body suits.

To receive a quote please send me an e-mail at
In said message please include a reference image, your deadline, what parts of the costume you want and your budget.

Thank you for looking!
<3 Ichigo