Anarchy Stocking


Angel Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Made in 2011
Worn to Kumoricon 2011

I also made Panty’s costume. Details are for both.

Construction Details!
Both shirts were drafted without a pattern. Made of White Kona Cotton. Panty’s halter was made of a gold fabric, and it closes with Velcro in the back. The feathers are craft foam.

Both skirts are also Kona cotton. The are a basic circle skirt with an elastic waste on Stocking and a lace up closure on Panty. Underneath them are pettiskirts made of 6 yards of tulle. 4 white, 1 white sparkle, 1 Pink/Blue sparkle.

Panty’s Sash is made of the same Cotton as the rest of the outfit, it was just hand bunched, then I hot glued the hearts on to it. It safety pins to the skirt.

The hearts were made following a tutorial on DA. They are plastic ornaments split in two, then painted with acrylics and filled with plumbing foam and hot glued to the garments.

The stocking was made of Cotton to match the rest of the outfit. I first made the stripes then fit it to my leg. Afterward I put elastic on both ends to make it stay up and bunch at the bottom. It still fell down though. Next time I will look into using body tape or a garter.

Backlace was made from a toy gun that I sanded then painted.

Stripes was constructed from foam that I carved into shape then modge podged and painted. It will be redone for the next con. It wasn’t smooth enough for my tastes.

Wigs were bought on eBay from CosplayWig.