Asuna Yuuki


Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online
Made in 2012
Worn to Sakuracon 2013

Construction Details!
Asuna’s Skirt was made of a Kona cotton and white bias tape. Very simple but time consuming. I originally made it with box pleats (as accurate to the show) but then I decided knife pleats looked better. The butt skirt is half of a circle skirt on a waist band which is worn under the top.

The top was from a drafted pattern all edges were covered in bias tape and the crosses were ironed on. I really struggled trying to figure out how to put it on. I wanted the zipper to be unseen. So I put the zipper right down the middle and the front panel covers it  and closes with velcro. The arm decorations are red Kona cotton, I couldn’t figure out how to make this one piece but still have it lay the way I wanted it to, so it is made of multiple strips of interfaced cotton. It is sewn on to the back of my shirt and attaches to the front with eyelets and brads, so it can pivot.

The gloves and socks were both drafted to my body. The socks are held up on the longer side with spirit gum.

My shoes were short booties found on ebay that I then shortened and added the front panel with Wonderflex. The chest piece was also made of wonderflex.

Lamient Light was made from a piece of wood that was cut into shape with a jigsaw then beveled with a router and sanded. After that I painted it and added the details  with wonderflex.

Wig was bought on eBay from Cosplayfly.

Photographer: Tracy Scherrer, FallMoonLitRose & SkellaGirl

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