Godoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Made in 2013
Worn to Chibi Chibi Con 2014 & Sakuracon 2014 & Otakon 2014

Construction Details.
The bodice is like always a simple princess seam bodice, or at least it began simple. I began by making two bodices and fitting them, added boning channels to one then put them together with a scallop hem and that insane V neck. I realized after flipping it that when I cut the v it decided to spread more than I had planned, but it turned out fine.
There are cups tacked into the dress and a clear elastic halter to keep it on.

The Skirts were the first things I made. They are all either full or half circle skirts. The bottom skirt was lined in purple and hand painted with fabric paint. I added 2 strands of LEDs between the layers with battery packs on the waist to act as stars. I also plan on adding a crap ton of rhinestones to the skirt. The second skirt was lined in purple and has ruffles same as the top skirt. All 3 were sew directly onto the bodice.
The dress zips up the back and also has a velcro panel behind the zipper for *shhhh* quick changes. (;

Under the skirt is a petticoat made of yards and yards of organza tulle and ribbon. I followed RuffleButt’s Tutorial on her Madoka Petticoat and it worked fine. It was a pain in the butt though and took a lot of TLC to make me like it.

The bolero was a pain in the neck, I think mostly because I used too small a piece of fabric. Either way I started by draping the main bodice lining and scalloping it. Then a few weeks later I made the sleeves (both lined in purple), when I went to attach the sleeves they were too small somehow and the bodice wouldn’t shut properly. However after some praying to the Cosplay Gods and a bit of finagling I was able to get it to work. The rhinestones were ordered from Etsy and glued on.

Socks and Gloves were made of basic knit materials. The scallops were a pain but they work. The Socks are tacked onto a pair of tights so they stay up and look good.

You can see this costume in action in the Chibi Chibi Con Cosplay Contest *video Coming Soon*
See this costume in action at the end of our Sakuracon 2014 Cosplay Contest skit.

Wig: CCKids

Photos by: Eye-V Photography, Darkian Multimedia and Lucid Visual Photography