Lyfa From Sword Art Online
Made in 2013
Worn to Kumoricon 2013

Construction details!

The bodice is made of basic cotton. It’s a simple princess seam bodice. The fit was a bit difficult since I was stuffing and it’s a little different each time. There are scallops along the back which you can rarely see, but they are there (so many scallops!!).

The skirt was drafted. I hate a-line skirts. They suck. The scallops on the hem are fray checked.

The corset is also a simple corset pattern. The only odd thing about it was the design on the bottom and in the seams. It’s line in cotton and boaned and made of pleather. The belt that goes on top of it is a suade that was interfaced and then cut. It closes with a snap.

The jacket is also cotton with bias tape and scallops. The odd open back was a pain, but it works.

The shorts and socks were a pair of leggings that I cut apart and hemmed.

Wig: Arda-wigs (2nd hand from the CosCom marketplace)
Ears: Ardani

Photos: Tracy Scherrer