Madoka Kaname


Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Made in 2013
Worn to Sakuracon 2014

Construction Details.
The bodice is like always a simple princess seam bodice with all the detailing topically added. Ruffles were made of chiffon for some extra softness and to match the others in the group. It’s boned and lined. The heart in the back is faced and is one of my favorite parts of the costume.  Sleeves are simple puff sleeves. The petal skirt was a pain in the butt. I draped it after I made my petti, yet some how it still dropped and is more a-line than poofy. The bias tape as mitered corners and is blind stitched on.

The overskirt is a basic circle skirt with a ruffled hem. Under the skirt is a petticoat made of yards and yards of organza tulle and ribbon. I followed RuffleButt’s Tutorial on her Madoka Petticoat and it worked fine. It was a pain in the butt though and took a lot of TLC to make me like it. It’s the same one that I use for Godoka. Still not as poofy as I like it though.

Gloves were made of basic knit materials. The scallops were a pain but they work. Socks were purchased.

See this costume in action in our Sakuracon 2014 Cosplay Contest skit.

Wig: CCKids
Socks: Amazon

Photos include myself and my group (Solo shots only of the costumes I made).