Mami Tomoe – Madoka Magica


Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Made in 2012
Worn to Kumoricon 2012

Construction Details!
My shirt was drafted without a pattern. Made with an off white country cotton (as Joann’s calls it). The details on the front are made of the same material as the skirt. The collar was made too wide so I can easily slip it over my head. The shirt cuts off at my waist and has elastic to help it poof properly.

The skirt was made from a Kona cotton. It was made with 2 circle skirts gathered onto a large waist band with a Velcro closure. Hemmed into the brown stripe is horse hair, this is so that the skirt will have a flowy shape rather than just falling flat.

The “corset” was drafted by me and is fully lined with interfacing to keep it stiff. There is boning on all the seams. There is a separating zipper in the front. The straps were made of cotton and slip into suspender clips for closure.

The hat was made of craft foam then covered with my brown fabric (yay hot glue!!) Then the feathers were added. The soul gem is made of gold wire that was cut into chunks, bent into flower shapes then hot glued together. There is ribbon to cover the hot glue to which small gems were then hot glued to to make the gem it’s self. The hat stays on with a small clip, soon there will be something more to hold it on with.

The boot covers were made using the same cottons from the outfit. I will never make boot covers again…

Mami’s Gun was crafted after a tutorial floating around on various cosplay website. Though the design is not accurate to the anime, I still like it. It was made of craft foam and Pvc, then painted with acrylic paints. It was sealed many many many times so it is very sturdy.

Wig: Ayanamisatoru
Socks: Sock Dreams

Photographer: Tracy Scherrer & EliteCosplay