MADE IN 2014

Construction Details.

This costume was a beast! The first thing I made was the petticoat! I made this using RuffleButt’s Madoka petti tutorial again! This time it turned out waaayyy better and wayyyyy fluffier! Much happy. Next I worked on the skirt. It’s made from a polyester dupioni and is a pleated circle skirt (these have so many uses, like omg). Then I added the ruffles an the odd tendrils. Last I added the pearl strands, cameos and flowers.

The Butt skirt is awkward and unnecessary, but it’s in the design so I made it. It’s made from some poly blend fabric that has a nice sheen and texture, I found it on the red tag rack so I don’t know what it is. I first draped the shape I wanted then I cut this in to many sections after that I cut my fabric then sewed all these sections together to get the clam shell look. Then I sewed my two sides together and put a very heavy duty interfacing in between them. Lastly I added the gold trim. It attaches with a rope around the waist so it can move freely and hopefully not pull me over or knock other things over.

The corset was draped on my dress form. It is made of a poly dupioni as well and has the odd white poly blend for the details. I first made the lining, then the inner structure which is two layers of duck canvas with spiral bones in between. Then I made the outside layer, before I attached it all together I added all the details to the outside layer, such as the quilted bust, the front plaquet, the hip covers, the laces etc. Then I attached all 4 layers together and added eyelets. After this I did the beading for the pearls and added rhinestones and cameos. The halter top and ruff is attached between the layers of the corset! It’s made the same way as the butt skirt.

The odd hip ruff is made in the same way as the butt skirt as well, but it also has a few different ruffles made of casa collection satin. It attaches with two snaps on the front of the corset. It is a little big and should be adjusted at some point.

The sleeves are made of casa collection chiffon and some left over fabrics. The have clear elastic at the top to hold them up.

The hat is put on a head band for easy wearing. It is made with buckram and is covered with dupioni. This is my favorite part of the costume! Well, aside from the shoes! The shoes were made from a pair of old character shoes which were painted pink. Then I added all the laces and trims and ruffles and ruffs to them by hand. This was a long and painful process but in the end I have very pretty and sturdy shoes!


Wig: Arda-Wigs

Opal is Princess of Tea
Peridot is BoomShells

This costume won best intermediate craftmanship at NewCon PDX 2015!

Want to see this costume in action? Check out my Fancy CMV here!