Princess Serenity


Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon
Made in 2014
Worn to Anime Expo 2014 and Kumoricon 2014

Construction Details.

The dress itself is actually very simple for this costume! It involves a princess seam bodice (like all my cosplays), that was lined and boned. It also has cups sewn in, since it has such a low back there’s no way I could wear a bra with it! The top is scalloped and it zips up the back!

The skirt is all circle skirts! there is one layer of lining material, I wanted this to be thin so you could still see through the dress, just like the manga illustrations, but not so thin that you could see everything. The top layer is 2 circle skirts of chiffon, this ate up around 14 yards of fabric!  These were all serged together and roll hemmed!

The butt bow is organza and is also roll hemmed, sadly I forgot to wear it for most of AX. Next I’ll remember!!  The sleeves are satin and simply puff sleeves with a scalloped trim. They have elastic on the bottom and clear elastic on the top to help them stay up.

The hardest part of this costume was all the beading! My beads were ordered of ebay and were 99 cents per 100 beads. Obviously this is very cheap so I knew many would be defective (and they were) but for how many beads I needed this was the only way to do it! I ended up ordering over 4000 beads of varying sizes and colors! Once I got my beads I started attaching them! This is a very long process as you have to attach the beads one by one. The design is mostly my own, however I tried to be accurate to the manga when possible!  The beads made the dress very heavy so I had to add elastic straps.

Most of the jewelry was made from extra beads, but some was mine as a kid.

The wig is an arda wig. I started this wig 2 years ago when I started Super Sailor Moon. but I never figured out the odangos until now. They are Styrofoam balls that have been mostly hollowed out and have wig hair glued to them. However they are hot glued to the inside and tacky glued to the outside! This makes the outside smooth and get rid of fly aways! However since I stubbed this wig forever ago the stubbing is pretty bad and you can see the glue, lukily I covered it with flowers for this wig, but I can’t always do it that way! Guess I’ll have to re make it soon!

The cape is a huge circle skirt of chiffon, with a heavily interfaced collar. The circles are wooden disks from my Skyward Sword Zelda and they have extra pearls glued all around the edges. The cape is held on with clear elastic that goes around my arms and behind my back.

The tall moon stick is a large piece of PVC pipe. The moon is carved out of insulation foam. The moon is detachable. There is a LED light in the moon that shine through the Crystal which is a paperweight from Amazon.

Next time I wear this I hope to have the large wings (like in episode 200).

My Luna is Princess of Tea Cosplay

Moon stick: Proplica
Wig: Arda-wigs

Photos by: Elite Cosplay, Bunny Tuan