Ren Kougyoku


Ren Kougyoku from Magi; Labyrinth of Magic
Made in 2014
Worn to Sakuracon 2014

Construction Details.
This was a fun costume! I loved working with such bright and vibrant colors! It is all made of Casa collection satins and Country Cottons. The skirt is a satin circle skirt that was roll hemmed. Funny enough my local joann’s didn’t have enough of the pink fabric so the back half of the skirt is the sparkle satin, luckily you can’t see it because of the over skirt. The overskirt is casa collection crepe and is a half circle skirt. The back and while designs are also casa. The white circles are heat n bonded onto the skirt!

The overskirt and caplet are made of county cottons and are interfaced to hell and back, the pattern took a bit of altering to make it fit my waist, but it worked. The detailing around the edges is also country cotton and is done by tracing the design onto the fabric, stitching along that line, clipping the insides, turning it inside out and ironing it, then it’s satin stitched on. This makes clean edges and makes it easier to do crazy hem designs.

The bodice is made with the wrong side of the casa satin. A simple bodice with no fitting darts (my pattern originally had them, but somehow they disappeared and were un-needed.), the sleeves have super wide hems and tons of ruffles! Super fun to play with!

The green floating thing was made of organza and has super strong wire going through it so it actually floats. The wig is an Arda Chibi that took tons of styling. The metal vessel is craft foam and wonderflex.

I was super happy to wear this with an awesome group of Magi cosplayers!
Yamuraiha: Missy Rayney
Sinbad: Sky Captain Hana
Judar: Nikkiolie
Morgiana: Misse

Photographer: Fearless Photoworks

Wig: Arda-Wigs