Sakura from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Made in 2013
Worn to Kumoricon 2013

Made for the Kumoricon 2013 Costume contest with Winryrockbell27/Inspector Linebeck as my lovely Sayraon! (:

Construction Details.
Like all my costumes the bodice is a princess seam bodice and the skirt is a circle skirt. I exadurated the train to make the dress more impressive and more clamp like.
The belting is hand made piping, the chestplate is craft foam, spandex and clay, it snaps on.
The bead strands are, well, beads and clay beads that I made.
The wings are styrofoam.

Wig from Arda Wigs
Photos by Roget Ratchford and Jamila Clark

See this costume in Action in the Kumoricon 2013 Cosplay Contest at 8:40