Undine Asuna


Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online
Made in 2013
Worn to Kumoricon 2013 & Sakuracon 2014 & Kurmoricon 2014

Construction Details!
The main dress is made of a simple cotton. It’s a basic princess seam pattern with a topic front panel and a zipper down the back. I made it extra short as I wanted to use this costume to learn how to change things to fit your body. My SAO Asuna Costume was screen accurate however it was too long for my body and made me look very short. So to counter that I made this one extra short.

The long skirt is half a circle skirt and it snaps onto the dress.

The jacket was draped on my dress form. It has darts down the front. All details are bias tape (OMG SO MUCH BIAS TAPE!) Like the dress I made this shorter than in the show. The armor bits are craft foam and the belt is pleather. They all snap onto the jacket. (Yay! Snaps!)

The sleeves were the hardest/funnest part of this. They were made from the same cotton and bias tape. They are made of 4 parts. The top scallop, the poof, the main sleeve and the hand cover. All seams were easily hidden by the bias tape. These are based off the anime version of Undine Asuna. While I like the Manga/LN version more These were easier and had more references.

For sakuracon I remade the belts and the armor bits. The belts were remade out of a broadcloth and the armor was remade of craft foam them covered in worbla! I also added the 3rd belt to make it more accurate for ACP work! I also made a pair of wings to go with this outfit! The wigs are made of heavy wire, organza, craft foam and clear elastic. Generally I would make the harness go under the main garment, but with these I just plop them on top. It doesn’t look as nice, but it makes it so I don’t have to cut a hole in the main garment!

Wig: HelloCosplay

Photographer: Tracy Scherrer and FallMoonlitRose Photography