Yoko Littner – Gurren Lagann


Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Made in 2010
Worn to Kumoricon 2010 &  a Photoshoot in 2014

I also made costumes for Nia, Simon and Kamina often featured in these images.

Construction Details!

The Socks were made from a stretch knit fabric I found in the clearance section of my local Hancock’s. It looked exactly like a sock fabric, which made me uber happy~ No pattern was made to use them. Instead what I did was copy the idea I got off a boot overs tutorial; You pin the fabric around your leg then sew it. It fits the contours of your legs perfectly. Obviously since I was using a stretch fabric I then had to take it in. I used some elastic at the top to help them stay up, but it didn’t really work that well. (note to self: body tape!)

The shorts; This was the first part of the costume I did. It’s made out of a stretch vinyl. I copied the pattern from a pair of Pajama shorts I have. What I didn’t take into account though was that the shorts were like, well, huge. xDD I then took them in and worked on the pattern with the first try as a mock up. I then redid them once the pattern was only 2 pieces. Since the fabric was rather stretchy I didn’t need a zipper or any kind of closure. Or so I thought… The 2nd day of the con the front of my shorts ripped. Luckily I had some thread and such in the hotel and I fixed em up. The shorts are my favorite part of this costume though. Surprisingly comfy~

The belt is a belt I found at value village then put iron on studs on it, not the best method considering most of them fell off… I never got a buckle cover.

The top: The base for the top was a set of dress liners/bra pads. I then pinned the black vinyl onto the pads and made the shape I wanted. After that I made a sketch of the flame pattern, as accurate to the show as possible, and cut that out of the red marine vinyl. Let me tell you, that stuff is a pain to work with. Ohmzgosh. It’s very difficult to hem it. Once I sewed the flames on all that was left was the straps. Which were just pieces of the respectful fabric folded and sewn, then tacked on.

The scarf was 3 colors of kona cotton. (best stuff ever!!) Pretty simple just sewed on the stripes, folded in half to get the puffy allusion (which didn’t work too well, too stiff a fabric) then put the zipper on~

Gloves were the same material as the shorts, used a base pattern offline. They were very last minute so it didn’t work out too hot. xD

Wig was bought on eBay from CosplayWig.
The boots were also bought online.
The skull clip is the official one from Japan, just pinned onto the wig.
Chopsticks were just that painted yellow.
Glasses were bought online, they are safety glasses, but I thought they worked fine.