Princess Zelda


MADE IN 2013

Construction Details!
This dress was made of kona cotton from a self drafted A-line princess seam pattern, much like my Ranka Lee dress. The Yellow is all Bias tape.

The Applique’s were all heat n bonded on and then satin stitched. The Belt is made of pleather strengthened with interfacing, though it is too big and needs to be taken in.
The Gold belt is made of wooden disks and domes painted gold, diamond glazed and then drilled through and connected, this is also too big and need to be taken in.

The gems are both made of clay then painted. I planned on using resin yet all 3 of my resin casts failed to harden so I decided to use my molds instead.

The Harp was made from garden foam, craft foam, paper mache, and spackle. xD It took alot of work! But I’m happy with it! (:

The wig is actually two wigs that I put together to get the volume I wanted though it didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to, I still need to figure out how to do the hair in front but have it in front of the ears. xD

Wig: The Market Place
Ears: Ardani

Photographer: Tracy Scherrer