Wedding Asuna


Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online; Hollow Fragment
Made in 2014
Worn to Anime Expo 2014

Construction Details.

Underneath the dress is one of my 6-hoop skirts. This one was too short for me or my friends so I decided to add stuff to it for this. The bottom ruffles are sewn right onto the hoop. After that there is one half circle skirt! Then a double circle skirt ruffled at the top and the bottom. Yes This fabric is super shiny. I know and I hate it. On Top of that is a draped piece with chiffon on top to break it up. Then more ruffles. The flowers are made of casa collection materials!

The bodice is a simple princess seam bodice that was boned and lined and laces up the back. There are a few appliques on it and the pink was satin stitched. There’s also a butt bow, of course~

Appliques were added to the gloves and were given a snap for the choker.

The ring is my Cadence ring.
The veil was bought on Amazon (and is super awesome and fun)!

You can see this costume in action here and here.

Kirito: Micheal Lee
Liz: Kira Rin
Sinon: GG Cosplay

Photos by: Eurobeat Kasumi, GoSenchi, Andy Lau