Katara from Avatar; The Last Airbender
Made in 2012

Construction Details!
My dress was drafted without a pattern. Made out of a Kona cotton. The details on the bottom of the skirt are just top stitched on as is the collar. The underpart of the wrap is unattached on the other side to make it easier to put on and adjust. It get’s safety pined to the other side or tucked into my bra.

The pants were made of Kona cotton. I followed a pajama pant pattern. There is elastic on the waist and at the bottom of the legs. Very simple.

The water bag was made of brown moleskins . the darker color is top stitched on. There is a zipper in the top so I can store my wallet and such in it during cons. The necklace is just a piece of ribbon with a clay charm on it.

Wig: Arda wigs
Boots: Airwalk – Payless
Gloves: Jo-ann’s

Photographer: Tracy Scherrer