Queen Elsa


Ice Queen Elsa from Frozen
Made in 2014
Worn to Leavenworth Shoot 2014

Construction Details.
The dress is a princess seam pattern that I drafted. It has a small train in the back. Princess Seam patterns are what I use for everything and are pretty simple. The outer layer is made of a cotton blend with metallic threads, it’s a beautiful teal color and has a nice shine. The whole dress is lined with a cotton poplin also in a teal color, just a little darker. I decided after finishing the base dress that I needed some boning on the side. So I added one channel on each side and used plastic boning. However I decided to double up my boning for extra support. The dress zips up the back for now but I’ll probably end up adding corset lacing. Now comes the fun part! Elsa’s corset has this unique and beautiful ice pattern. I did quite a bit of research do see how other people did it. I decided that I like when people used craft foam squares the most. However, I’m too lazy to cut out hundreds of squares, paint them, glitter them and seal them. So I went to my local craft store and found some scrap booking paper that was already the right colored and glittered! I then cut these sheets into rounded rectangles of different sizes. Next comes the painstaking part of gluing them all on one by one. This took me quite a bit of time I’d say around 10 hours. I failed to realized though that this paper doesn’t bend very well, so it was very difficult to get them to conform to the shape of the dress and it’s nearly impossible to move in it. But it looks dang good so I’m ok with it.

The sheer bodice is made out of a casa collection chiffon. I wanted a stretch chiffon but I couldn’t find one in my area and I wanted to be able to match my dress swatches to the chiffon before I bought a ton of it! The bodice it’self is very simple. I first cut the sleeves and began glittering them. I used painters tape to make a template for my design and a white glue, water and glitter mixture as my paint. I learned this trick from early armor making; watered down white glue is basically fabric glue. It’s still flexible (abet not a lot but some) and holds really well. It’s also clear so if you’re adding things to your paint (like glitter) it works really well! However I was in a bit of a rush so I wasn’t able to do as many coats of paint as I would have liked so my designs are a bit opaque. Next I cut out the top, a very simple scoop neck top. It didn’t need to be fitted so I made it very loose so I could get it on easily. I also glittered the designs on this part. After all the glitter dried I sewed everything together using french seams so it wouldn’t fall apart. I also added clear elastic straps at the ends of the sleeves so I could put them around my finger to keep the sleeves down.

Next is the cape. Let’s first note that I am not happy at all with my cape, however this costume was mostly made for my princess parties and the little kids won’t notice that my cape is crap. The cape was again made with the same chiffon as the bodice  I used six yards in my cape and I’m still not happy with the length (though according to my calculations it is an accurate length, I just want it longer). It’s a half circle skirt with a seam up the middle. After I hemmed my cape with a french hem I added my design. This took my entire living room covered with garbage bags. I laid out my cape and added the design with painters tape and used a fabric paint, glue, water, and glitter mixture to paint on the design. The thing I don’t like about fabric paint is that it makes things sticky, no matter what it wants to stick to it’self which is bad for my cape since the designs tend to rumple onto themselves. But whatever~ My design ended up looking really cool just too opaque. I then attached my cape to my bodice so I didn’t have to worry about it falling off or anything.

Finally the shoes! My dress somehow ended up being a little short so I decided to use flats rather than heels. I took an old pair of flats and added the front ice design with Wonderflex Pro, which is a clear thermo plastic. I then painted them blue with a leather paint and acrylic paint mixture. Then I used my water down white glue and glitter mix to put on TONS of glitter! I didn’t have time to seal them though so all the glitter fell off, but I’ll add more and actually seal it next time.

The wig is a lace front wig that I french braided and added some snowflake buttons to.

Wig: Facebook wig swap group

Photos by: Darkian Multimedia and On Impulse Photography