MADE IN 2014

Princess Mononoke was my first Ghibili movie, so when I heard news that the studio would be closing it’s doors I decided that it was time to cosplay from it!

San’s design is very simple, so I decided to spice it up and go with a more realistic version of San. I started by choosing materials that would have been readily available in her time period. Silk (though I used a sateen due to cost), linen and fur.

The main dress is made of a beautiful stretch cotton sateen. The dress itself is very simple the cut is almost exactly the same as that of Sheeta and Kiki. So I simply have two seams on the sides and the shoulders. The bottom of the dress was then distressed to hell and back. I used cheese graters, knives, potatoe peelers, you name it anything that could tear up my material. I then used some watered down paint all to created the dirty and bloody effect. While ripping up my dress I may have gotten a bit carried away because it is very short, but I still like it. Makes me feel wild.

The apron is made of a linen. This is also a very simple piece. It’s just a long rectangle with a hole for the head. I finished the edges on this, just because I wanted to. The neck hole is faced, and the edges hemmed. However I did distress the bottom of this just like the bottom of the dress.

The cape is made of a grey (Yes grey) faux fur, I choose grey because I liked the way it looked with my other materials more and because it fit the natural theme a bit better. I decided to make my cape like an extended sailor collar and it worked really well! I then attached a hood. The whole thing is lined and is super soft to wear! I also distressed the bottom of the cape with paint.

The mask is made of Worbla! I used a basketball to get the base shape and everything else was added on. I’m really in love with the mask!

All the accessories are made of Friendly Plastic. I like using this material because it gives a smooth finished surface. The teeth have a tin foil core so I didn’t have to use as much of the plastic (the ears on the cape were made the same way) The teeth are also a bit yellowed, decayed and bloody, again trying to go with a realistic theme. The earrings are clip ons, the arm bands are elastic. The shoes are boot covers made of cotton and distressed to hell and back.

The spear is PVC pipe with wood filler on the outside to give it that wood texture, the spear head is insulation foam.

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