Snow White


Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Made in 2014
Worn to Kids Club at the Yakima Valley Mall

Construction Details.

The bodice is a princess seam bodice, however the seams go into the arms eyes rather than the straps like my normal princess seam bodices. It’s made out of a micro suade, I wanted velvet but had time nor money to get it. It’s not boned, just because of time. Next time I wear this the bodice will be boned and lined! The collar is white satin with a heavy sew in interfacing. It’s the attached directly to the bodice. Right now it still flops in some weird ways, due to not have the interfacing go all the way to the seam, hopefully that will be fixed soon.

The sleeves are satin! It’s two layers of very large sleeves, the blue layer has the slashes cut into it and then faced. Then both layers were gathered together and attached.

The skirt is a simple gathered skirt made from yellow crepe.

The wig is a shoulder length wig that I tuck up into a faux bob. Note; this is waaaayyy easier to do with fake hair than with real hair!

Photos by: Yakima Valley Mall