Anime Expo 2014

Here’s some exiting news! I’m going to be attending Anime Expo this summer! :D I am so excited to finally be going to AX. I’ve been wanting to attend since I was like 13.  It’s going to be super duper fun, but it also going to be really challenging for me! To get all my […]

Process – Sh..

One of my bigger projects this year was my Pony Princesses Group. I designed these dresses on a whim when I realized I wouldn’t get one of my costumes done in time for Kumoricon this year. I decided to bring this group back and expand on it for Sakuracon 2014! Rather than just having my […]

Sakuracon 2014

Whoooo Sakuracon 2014 is done! What a great time!  Be prepared for a wall of text! Friday morning my friend MacKenzie got up at 4 am, got ready and headed off to the next town where we picked up our friend Ashley or Missy Raney Cosplay! The car was stuffed with 3 hoop skirts, 3 […]

Research: The Tutu

So, if you guys follow my Facebook Page (which you should and if you don’t it’s at you should know that I recently finished watching Princess Tutu  (Not really recently it was like forever ago, but when I started this article I just finished it. xD Yay Procrastination!).  And while I still don’t know […]

Research: Frozen U..

I am a sucker for Disney movies. I’m even more of a sucker for Musical Theater. Disney’s Frozen had such a perfect mixture of the two that it’s no wonder I loved it! When I first watched Frozen I immediately fell in love with Anna. She’s just so sweet and sincere and has an innate sense […]

Chibi Chibi Con 20..

Phew! I got back this morning from Chibi Chibi Con 2014. Chibi Chibi con is a one day convention held at Evergreen State University in Olympia Washington. While this is a bit out of the way for me to go my newly founded Cosplay Club and I decided it would be a fun convention for […]