Con and Costume sc..

Akicon 2013 – October 25-27 My first year attending Akicon! I’m hoping this will be a fun con to just cosplay at and hang out with some friends. I’m hoping to enter the cosplay contest possibly in a skit with Katelynn or just as a walk on. Day 1) Possessed Zelda (The Legend of Zelda) Day […]

Materials, Props, ..

While Merida’s outfit is not all too exciting it’s things such as her huge orange locks, and her bad-ass bow that make her a visually exciting character. What makes Merida’s bow specially Merida’s is the carving that she has done along the bow. To strive for accuracy this is something that I want to replicate. […]

Research: Merida f..

I’ve been striving to become a better costumer, not only sewing wise but also with patterning and accuracy. I’ve learned that something costume contest judges really enjoy seeing is historical accuracy. While I’m not a historian, I’m fine with research. So to begin my new adventure I’ve decided start with Merida from Disney’s Brave (which is […]

New Cosutmes &..

I’ve just posted 3 new costumes, all from SAO! Lizbeth, Undine Asuna, and Lyfa! Check em out! Kumoricon 2013 is in 5 days! It’s gonna be a blast! Here’s my costume line up! Day 0: Country Lolita Day 1: Princess Cadence w/ Princess Celestia Day 1 night: Possibly Undine Asuna Day 2: ALO Asuna w/ […]

Works in Progress

I’m not dead guys, I promise! I’ve been working on cosplays like crazy. Mostly for kumoricon, however also for a few personal projects. My line up for Kumorion is the following: Day 0: Country Lolita Day 1: Princess Cadence (w/Princess Celestia) Day 2: ALO Asuna (w/Lyfa) and Dream Dress Sakura (w/Syaoran) Day 3: Azusa (w/Idolm@ster […]

Review: Match Wigs

Hi all! I’m trying to work on updating more and that includes videos! So here is my first video a review on my first Match Wigs wig! Click the image to be taken to the review!